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I’m amazed that these flowers manage to look cool, despite the summer heat.

~ Dolce Mela


Sunflower Love


I’m not a summer person.   There is only one thing (actually two things) that makes me appreciate summer.   Sunflowers are one.  I puffy heart sunflowers.  Seeing them make me happy.


While I wait for autumn weather to arrive, I’ll continue to enjoy the sunflowers.  I trust you’ve all been having a good summer so far.

~ Dolce Mela

Farmer’s Market

Farmer's Market 1

Pies, scones, brownies, cookies —

Oh such delicious temptations!

~ Dolce Mela

Farmer's Market 2

Bicycle Blue

Blue Bike

~ Dolce Mela

Flowers in the Window

Flowers in the Window

~ Dolce Mela

Hair Braiders

Hair Braiders

Waiting to braid your hair.

“Hair braiding, Miss?” is the question you’ll be asked when you pass by.

~ Dolce Mela

Happy Graduates

Happy Graduates!Graduates waiting to enter The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine.

~ Dolce Mela

Happy Graduation 2015

 Graduation Time 2015 a

Happy graduates!

Congrats to all!

~ Dolce Mela



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