~ (Almost) Daily photos of Harlem and other parts of NYC


Flowering Pink

Flowering PinkThe city wears spring very well.  :-)

~ Dolce Mela

Pizza Delivery Bike

Delivery Bike

Nice, hot pizza delivered!   :-)

~ Dolce Mela



If you walk along 125th Street, you’ll find various vendors with different items for sale.

~ Dolce Mela

Patriotic Fire Hydrant

Patriotic Hydrant

This is the best-dressed fire hydrant on the block.  :-)

~ Dolce Mela

Working Public Phone

Public PhoneI’ve been asked whether the public phones work.  Answer is yes!   Or at least this phone works.

~ Dolce Mela

Fire Hydrant

BNEThis fire hydrant looks different, today.

~ Dolce

Bicycle Racing

Grant's Tomb CriteriumA rainy day to have a bicycle race, but the cyclists did very well.

~ Dolce Mela

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange (4)


I see this type of construction truck around the city a lot.

However, they are normally yellow in color.  First time to see an orange one.

Dolce Mela

Weekly Photo Challenge


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