~ (Almost) Daily photos of Harlem and other parts of NYC



College Walk, the entrance to Columbia University campus is always lit up for the holidays.

~ Dolce Mela


Sunset behind the Trees… Behind the trees.

~ Dolce Mela

Snow Flurries

A Snowy Day

Snow flurries fell fast to the ground.

It accumulated into a thin layer of snow, which melted the next day.

~ Paz

Rain. Yesterday

Rainy DaySnow, today.

~ Dolce Mela

Clinging to Autumn

Clinging to AutumnJust like a few leaves, I cling to the remaining days of autumn.

I’m not ready for winter.

~ Dolce Mela

Christmas Trees for Sale

Christmas Trees for Sale 1

It’s time for Christmas trees!

~ Dolce Mela


Waiting on the Park Bench

Pet ToysPet Toys


Take Some or All!!

~ Dolce Mela

On the Ground

On the Ground~ Dolce Mela

Leaves of Color

Leaves of Color

There are leaves on the trees, still

and they keep falling, still.

Dolce Mela

Tri Colored

Tri ColorThis photo was taken about two weeks ago.

There are leaves still on the trees, here.  Fewer and fewer, however.

~ Dolce Mela


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