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Lantana in the City

Lantana in the City 1

A small garden of lantanas decorate the front of an apartment building.

~ Dolce Mela

Lantana in the City


BackpacksI remember the days, as a student, when I used a backpack all the time.

~ Dolce Mela

Purple Beauty

Purple Beauty at the Farmer's MarketAt the Farmer’s Market

~ Dolce Mela

Blue Bag

Blue BagSummer look.

~ Dolce Mela

Street Crossing

Street CrossingGetting to the other side.

~ Dolce Mela

Thursday Challenge: Garden

Purple 1

I found these pretty flowers  elegantly hanging from a box garden.

Does anyone know the name?

Thursday Challenge

~ Dolce Mela

Purple 2

Squash and Zucchini

Squash and ZucchiniSome of the finds at the farmer’s market.

~Dolce Mela

A Street of Brownstones

Brownstones 1

On a nice sunny day.

~ Dolce Mela

Brownstones 2

Brownstones 3

Pink Cleome

Pink Cleome

Some of the flowers one may find in the tree pit.  The appearance of this flower always intrigues me.

~ Dolce Mela

Today’s Special

Today's SpecialBaked Lamb with rice and salad or vegetables.  $9.99

~ Dolce Mela


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