~ (Almost) Daily photos of Harlem and other parts of NYC


Star of David

Star of David

A synagogue on the East side.

~ Dolce Mela

Star of David 2

Happy. Faces.

Happy Faces

Some of the happy faces in the city.

~ Dolce Mela

Happy Faces 2

Happy. Sunflowers.

Happy SunflowersDifferent types of flowers for sale in front of the Supermarket.  Take your pick.

~ Dolce Mela

First Fallen Leaf

First Fallen LeafWaiting for me on my building stoop.  :-)

~ Dolce Mela

Weekly Photo Challenge: NIGHTTIME

NIghttimeOn 125th Street and Amsterdam

Weekly Photo Challenge

~ Dolce Mela

Pumpkins and Gourds

Pumpkins and GourdsAutumn is here!

~ Dolce Mela

Thursday Challenge: CLOTHES

Father and Daughter

On a warm summer day, this simple, colorful dress on the little girl seems perfect for the weather.

Thursday Challenge

~ Dolce Mela

Fire Escape

Fire Escape in BWIn Black and White.

~ Dolce Mela


BerriesI saw these berries growing by the side of a busy crosstown road.

I wondered if they were edible.   Dare I taste one and find out?

Naw!  Better to take a photo, instead, and keep walking.

~ Dolce Mela

Dog Walking

Dog WalkingTime to walk the dogs.

~ Dolce Mela


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